Casa Latón - On the road to Mexico

Details of our road trip from Vancover, BC, Canada to Tulum, QR, Mexico

Day 9 - Trailer repair and into Mexico

Trailer fixed!

It only took a few hours and $171!....and that was for both springs to be replaced.

Made it into Mexico at about 1pm.  Two hours to get searched several times and complete paperwork.  Then got searched again about 30k into Mexico.  All in all not too bad.  Made it to Salltllio, just past Monterrey.  Seedy hotel but clean and secure parking for the trailer.

Highways are great....sticking to the toll roads, so good conditions and services all the way through Mexico so far.

Temperatures ranged from -2 in San Antonio to +25 C by the end of the day.

 Tomorrow we will be in San Miguel Allende.  Spending a couple of nights there before we move on.  Should have some good pictures from there.

Still pretty much on schedule despite the trailer problem.



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