Casa Latón - On the road to Mexico

Details of our road trip from Vancover, BC, Canada to Tulum, QR, Mexico

April - May 2014

Back on line after a few busy months.

lost my laptop so have not been able to do updates For a while.


Casitas are now finished. We moved in on April 15th.  Kitchen section of main house is now underway..  Pace will be a bit slower now that we have a roof over our head and we can relax a bit.  Living with an outdoor kitchen for now and eating mostly under the sky.

Birds continue to be abundant with so many varieties.  and the beach is as always.......breathtaking.

We have started painting outside....see pics....


weather has been absolutely perfect.  A few rainy days here and there and a couple of unbearably hot nights but otherwise amazing. Still quite comfortable without airconditioning....and we are now into one of the hotter months.


Enjoy the pictures.....



The beach..........



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