Casa Latón - On the road to Mexico

Details of our road trip from Vancover, BC, Canada to Tulum, QR, Mexico

Day 7 - San Antonio

Great day!  Temerature from +1 in the morning to a high of +22 by end of day. Made San Antonio in early afternoon.  Beautiful city. Lots to see and do.

Went for dinner on the Riverwalk. Tomorrow will head along the Riverwalk and to the Alamo.



Day 6 - Texas

Made it just past the halfway point today!
Left Scottsdale and travelled through Eastern Arizona and New Mexico to Van Horn, Texas (about 120 miles east of El Paso).
Made good time. Weather was great...+16 to + 18 Celsius through the day and it is now about +9 at 10 pm.
Early start tomorrow to get into San Antonio in the early afternoon. We will be staying on the San Antonio River Walk for a few days sightseeing.
Remember the Alamo!





Day 5 - Scottsdale

Spent last night in old Scottsdale.  Today we spent the afternoon touring the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. Very interesting day.

Fried chicken and waffles for dinner.


Weather Conditions:

Clear and sunny with occasional clouds.  +17 Celsius





Day 4 - Heading to Scottsdale

Good weather. Driving conditions good.  Short drive to Scottsdale...about 4.5 hours.  Mileage getting much better now that we are out of the hills.


Weather Conditions:

Clear and sunny with occasional clouds.  Temperatures from -6 to +17 Celsius.


Road conditions:

All good. Hit rush hour in Phoenix so a bit slow for the last hour.






Day 3 - relexing in Vegas

Spent the day at the outlet malls and the casino.  Nice relaxing day. Good weather.


Day 2 - Arrived Vegas

Made it to Las Vegas today.  Out of the bad weather now. It was pretty ugly this morning. Heavy snow and fog and very slippery highway. Several cars flipped upside down.

We'll be in Vegas for a few days and then on to Phoenix/Scottsdale.


Weather Conditions.

Temperature ranged from -4 to +14 Celsius.

Snow and blizzard conditions in Idaho. Clear and sunny once we got into Nevada.


Road Conditions.

Snow and very slippery in Idaho. Several bad accidents.

Dry and clear through most of Nevada and into Vegas.



Day 1...Leaving Vancouver--On the road at last.

On the road finally at about 9am. Quick border crossing. Made it just past Boise Idaho. 


Weather Conditions.

Temperature ranged from -4 to +6 Celsius

Mostly cloudy with some sun. Snow and heavy fog on Cabbage hill in Oregon.


Road Conditions.

Mostly clear and dry. Some snowy sections over Cabbage Hill.





Welcome to our trip log..


Join us on our road trip to Mexico.  We will try to keep you all posted on our status every few days.  Be sure to check back in regularly.